Are cockroaches and shrimp related?

Do cockroaches and shrimp have any connection? It may seem like a silly question, but the answer is yes. Both animals belong to the Blattodea plant family, making them distant relatives.

In fact, this order dates back hundreds of millions of years – one of the oldest in existence today.

So, what do they have in common? Physically speaking, both species have segmented bodies with jointed legs and antennae on their heads.

They also share similar diets that rely heavily on plants and small insects.

Behaviorally, they are scavengers who prefer to feed on dead or decaying matter rather than actively hunting live prey.

And they are both nocturnal creatures that hide away during the day.

Cockroaches and shrimp may not be immediate family members, but there is still an interesting link between them. If you’re curious about these two animals’ relationship or want to know more about their biology – then keep reading.

Are Cockroaches and Shrimp Related?

The answer may surprise you.

Although they may look similar, cockroaches and shrimp actually belong to two distinct sub-orders of the arthropod family.

While shrimp are from the Decapoda sub-order, cockroaches belong to the Blattodea sub-order.

Isopods, a type of sea creature that looks like a small pillbug, are related to cockroaches and can be found in saltwater habitats.

Shrimp, on the other hand, are more closely related to other crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters, and barnacles.

Cockroaches also have a second cousin – termites – which belong to the same Blattodea sub-order of arthropods.

Although cockroaches and lobsters aren’t related, they do share one common trait: a hard exoskeleton made of chitin that helps protect their internal organs from predators.

Cockroaches and shrimp may appear similar at first glance, but they come from two very different families of arthropods.

What Sea Animal is Related to the Cockroach?

The woodlouse, a species of crustacean found in marine environments, is the closest relative of the cockroach.

This tiny creature shares many common characteristics with its insect cousin, such as its segmented body and its ability to survive in damp environments.

Plus, it has similar behaviors too, such as scuttling away from light or avoiding open areas.

The woodlouse plays an important part in the marine food chain; it serves as food for many other sea creatures and can even be found living in freshwater wetlands and on land for short periods of time.

So if you ever spot one of these tiny critters, remember that it is related to the cockroach.

But that’s not all. Cockroaches are also related to other iconic sea creatures like crabs, lobsters, and shrimp.

Although they may look different on the outside, they all have certain cockroach traits such as their segmented body shape and their ability to survive in damp habitats.

Moreover, they all have similar behavior patterns and play a vital role in maintaining balance within marine ecosystems.

What are Shrimp Related to?

If you’ve ever wondered what shrimp are related to, then you’re in luck. These delectable sea creatures belong to the Decapoda taxonomic order, along with crabs, lobsters, and crayfish.

All of these animals share similar physical characteristics and behavior patterns, and they are all part of the Pleocyemata suborder.

This suborder is divided into two parts: Pleocyemata and Anomura.

But that’s not all. Shrimp also have a close connection with krill.

These small crustaceans live in the ocean and feed on plankton and other small aquatic organisms.

They can often be found in large numbers near the surface of the ocean.

What are Roaches Closely Related to?

Did you know that roaches are closely related to some of your favorite insects? It’s true. Roaches are members of the order Blattodea, which includes over 4,500 species of cockroaches.

Scientists believe they evolved from a common ancestor who lived during the Carboniferous period 300 million years ago.

Not only that, but crickets, mantids, millipedes, and centipedes are also related to roaches.

These creatures share certain traits such as having compound eyes and chewing mouthparts.

They also have an exoskeleton made up of chitin – a type of protein found in the shells of shrimp and other sea creatures.

Are Cockroaches Related to Lobsters?

Are cockroaches and lobsters related? The answer is a resounding no. While both of these animals are arthropods, they actually belong to different orders.

Cockroaches are part of the order Blattodea, while lobsters are members of the Decapoda order.

Furthermore, their body structures and habitats are vastly different.

Cockroaches typically inhabit terrestrial environments, while lobsters prefer oceans or other bodies of water.

Moreover, their diets differ significantly; cockroaches feed on decaying organic matter while lobsters consume small fish and other aquatic organisms.

The Evolutionary Link Between Cockroaches and Shrimp

Cockroaches and shrimp may appear to be vastly different creatures, but they actually share a common ancestor

the trilobite. Trilobites were an ancient species of sea creature that lived during the Paleozoic Era.

They had a hard exoskeleton, like cockroaches, as well as antennae and compound eyes – characteristics also shared by shrimp.

This evolutionary link between the two explains why they look so similar in certain ways.

Scientists believe that trilobites evolved into both cockroaches and shrimp over time, giving them their common ancestry.

How Do We Know They’re Related?

It turns out that these two species have much more in common than you might expect. Both cockroaches and shrimp belong to the same order of animals, called “Dictyoptera.” This order includes both insects like cockroaches and crustaceans like shrimp.

Not only do these two species look similar, but they also share many common traits.

For example, both have segmented bodies with jointed appendages and exoskeletons.

They also have similar digestive systems and reproductive processes.

Scientists have studied the DNA of both species and found that they share a common ancestor.

This evidence suggests that cockroaches and shrimp are indeed related.


Cockroaches and shrimp may appear to be an odd couple, but they have a long history dating back hundreds of millions of years.

With segmented bodies, jointed legs and antennae, these two species share common characteristics.

Plus, their diets and habits are similar – both are nocturnal animals that prefer to sleep away during the day.

But the friendship between cockroaches and shrimp goes even deeper

both insects are part of the Dictyoptera order.

DNA results have revealed a common ancestor – the trilobite – which explains why they seem so alike in certain ways.

It’s truly remarkable how two such different creatures can be connected by one ancient species.