Does Lysol Kill Roaches?

Lysol can get rid of cockroaches in your family home or commercial setting.

It can even kill existing roaches in its immediate surroundings. Just spray it onto their target and watch it destroy these pests.

So, does lysol kill roaches? Yes, lysol kills roaches quickly and safely.

However, it’s important to use the right product to kill roaches. Most products simply don’t work, but lysol kills roaches quickly and safely.

To kill roaches, spray lysol directly on their exoskeletons. To do this, put a few droplets of lysol on a disposable cover and spray the roaches directly.

After you’ve sprayed the roaches, flip the cover over so that the other side is against the roaches’ exoskeletons. The lysol will kill them quickly.

However, it’s important to avoid spraying the lysol on the cracks of baseboards or countertops, as it could damage these areas. Also, don’t spray the lysol on mattresses or carpets, as it could damage them and cause stains.

Finally, only use lysol to kill roaches in the affected area. Don’t spray the lysol on the entire kitchen or living room.

Does Lysol Kill Roaches?

Yes, Lysol does kill cockroaches effectively and quickly.

It does this by killing the insects through suffocation when sprayed on their external bodies.

Cockroaches, like many other insects, breathe through their tracheae.

Their respiratory systems are based on a basic system of tubes called tracheae that help them get oxygen into their bodies and remove carbon dioxide and other waste material from their systems.

Lysol is a pesticide that has been specially created to kill bacteria and other germs like viruses.

When sprayed on an insect with an infestation, the chemical in the product gets absorbed into the insect’s body and makes it suffocate.

How Does Lysol Kill Roaches?

Insects breathe via holes in their bodies known as tracheae.

Because it is so powerful, an insect that comes into contact with a high concentration of the chemical is likely to die. This makes it easy to get rid of the pest.

It does, however, contain propylene glycol, which is a sticky substance that helps keep the chemical on the outside of the infected insect for a long time so that it dies faster.

Lysol, like any other sticky chemical, will either directly attack an insect’s respiratory system or cause irritation to the eyes, leading to slow breathing and eventually suffocation and death of the insect.

A roach may also die if the chemical gets mixed with its food or water, since these chemicals are usually toxic to an organism that consumes them.

How Quickly Can Lysol Kill Roaches?

Most people can’t handle hypoxia for a long time. If it isn’t treated quickly, it can kill you.

However, you will be surprised to learn how long a roach can survive after being exposed to a high concentration of a chemical such as Lyzol.

When you spray Lysol on an external part of the infested organism, such as its wings or legs, it will take about three days for the poison to make its way into the body of the insect, leading to rapid death.

The insect seems to have perished quickly, but in reality, it has taken several hours to die since the poison takes time to penetrate the body system of the insect and reach its internal organs, causing immediate death.

Is Lysol More Effective Than Roach Killers?

Lysol is neither more nor less effective than some of the popular insecticides that are commonly used in households today to kill roaches.

However, if you don’t have access to some of these insecticides and need to use a common household cleaner to get rid of roaches, then using the product will do just fine.

Other Methods to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Boric Acid

Cockroaches like sweets and bread, so the best way to get rid of them is by placing boric acid in places where they are likely to hide during the day.

Simply combine boric acid powder with sugar and place it in areas that attract cockroaches during the daytime.


Roaches have an interesting habit of remaining hidden during the day but coming out at night to feed on human food.

Bait stations are one of the cheapest methods to get rid of cockroaches since they can be placed anywhere around the house without interfering with human movement or activities.

The roach survives long enough after consuming the bait in the trap to reach a trap where the poison is released and kills it eventually.

Glue Strips

Glue strips are also an effective way to get rid of roaches that find their way into your house.

Place these sticky traps in areas where you suspect the insects hide during the night and place some around your kitchen too.

Even though it might catch a few roaches, it won’t be long before the population grows resistant to it and it stops working.


Visit your local home improvement store to find pesticide products that kill cockroaches.

These include sprays and bait stations that target hard to reach areas.

However, do consider the size, location, and presence of pets or children when selecting the products, since these chemicals can be poisonous to humans and animals.

The chemicals used to make the product affect the nervous system of the cockroach, causing them to become paralyzed and eventually die a slow and painful death.

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Final Words

When you have roaches, it’s not just your house that is affected but also your health and that of your family.

To win, you must be patient and use the right method to get rid of them.

Lysol, the disinfectant you keep beneath your kitchen sink to kill germs, also kills cockroaches.

This spray kills both adult and egg-laying stages of the insect’s life cycle, giving you the upper hand in the battle to keep your home clean and pest free.

It offers excellent effects if sprayed on surfaces, but may not penetrate far into cracks, crevices, or hard to reach areas.