How To Get Rid of Smoky Brown Cockroaches Naturally

You can easily get rid of smoky brown cockroaches from your home and stop them from making more problems.

If you’ve discovered these pests in your home, you’re urged to take action. Here are some ways you can eliminate them naturally.

Let’s start now.

What Are Smoky Brown Cockroaches?

This cockroach is dark brown in color with a yellow-brown stripe running down its back and a smoky black abdomen that is yellowish to light brown underneath.

It’s brown with vivid black stripes along its body, head, and legs.

This cockroach has dark brown to black bodies that usually have a red or orange banded pattern along the sides; they are more elongated than other common roaches like the German or American roaches.

Its look has red and black stripes, a pointed snout, and brown wings that measure around 1/2 inch long; they measure about 1-1/2 inches long.

It has long and narrow antennae, reddish-brown wings, and an oval shape to its body. It’s brown in color with yellowish-white bands across its body and wings.

This cockroach is 25 mm long and dark brown in color. It has six pairs of legs and two antennae that are dark-colored and longer than the insect’s body.

This cockroach is frequently found near trash containers, compost piles, gardens, and in outdoor structures like garages and sheds. However, they can enter homes through cracks in walls, doors, or windows.

They’ve been seen beneath tree bark, logs, firewood, and woodpiles.

Smoky brown roaches are nocturnal insects, so they come out at night and hide during the day in dark places like under refrigerators, stoves, cabinets, behind baseboards, inside closets, etc.

It is similar to the American cockroach in that they can be spotted near garbage cans or near the kitchen since they love to eat starchy foods and the grease found in most kitchens.

How to Identify a Smoky Brown Cockroach

These cockroaches are easily identified since they’re brownish and black; they also have a yellow stripe down their back, which is more visible on females than males.

Because of its oval and elongated shapes, they can easily fit through a crack the size of a dime, which is how it enters homes.

They like to be near water and are often found in basements.

Are Smoky Brown Cockroaches Dangerous?

These cockroaches may spread dangerous viruses and bacteria that can make you sick, including dysentery, gastroenteritis, food poisoning, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, viral meningitis, and even leprosy.

Roaches spread germs via the areas they frequent, such as food handling areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where they feed on scraps.

How To Get Rid of Smoky Brown Cockroaches Naturally

Boric Acid and Onion

Make a paste of these two ingredients and apply it to areas where cockroaches hide; you can also use it to keep other insects, such as ants, at bay.

In this manner, the smoky brown cockroaches will die of dehydration when they come into contact with the paste.

When combined with onions, boric acid is more effective at getting rid of these roaches compared to using boric acid alone.

Put this mixture in little bowls and place them in areas where the smoky brown cockroaches are.

Peppermint Essential Oil

People are now utilizing this oil to fight their insect related problems. It is a great way to handle the smoky brown cockroach.

When its aroma is inhaled, it enters their nervous system and stops them from moving and breathing. This kills them totally.

The oil needs to come into contact with the roaches; therefore, you can either spray or pour it onto them.

It is also advisable to put a few drops of oil on a cloth and place it in areas where it is seen frequently.


This is another important ingredient in making homemade pesticides for fighting smoky brown cockroaches. It’s non-toxic and safe when mixed with water.

You must combine borax with dish soap as it makes the mixture more effective at killing these bugs.

Borax is quite effective when used alone, but it becomes even more effective when combined with other ingredients. It also prevents other insects from coming close to your home and garden.

Bicarbonate and Sugar

Powdered sugar and bicarbonate of soda make a great combination as they provide a sweet-smelling deterrent to roaches and other insects. It’s an effective alternative to chemical pesticides.

This human-safe combination is also good for treating infestations of ants and other pests in your home.

However, since roaches like to hide in dark corners where you can’t see them, it is advisable to use traps to kill them completely.

They will emerge from concealment to feed on the bait and then be killed when they come into contact with the insecticide in the trap.

How To Prevent Smoky Brown Cockroaches?

Repair Any Damage

It is advised that you repair any cracks in your home and seal all entry points that the bugs use to get into your home.

Examine your home’s many crevices for holes or gaps that they can use to gain entry, and then seal them with caulk or foam sealants to prevent their entry.

Doors, walls, baseboards, windows, and flooring are some of the areas that you need to consider when you carry out this inspection.


Clean the business and the kitchen areas regularly to prevent attracting cockroaches.

This includes cleaning all spills immediately, washing dishes after every meal, and keeping the counter free from food particles and debris at all times.

You should also clean the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis to keep roach eggs from hatching inside the vacuum.

Clean All Food Leftovers

Cravings in the kitchen; they sometimes feed on leftover food, and if you leave it for too long, they will find it and get attracted to it.

Ideally, you should clean up any food leftovers within 24 hours and not let mold develop in them.

Litter Bins

Trash cans are an entry point for these pests, so it is advisable to keep them clean and empty them regularly.

It is good practice to throw away the trash as soon as the bag is full; this will prevent these bugs from breeding in it.

Place an airtight cover on trash cans. This will prevent any odors from getting away and keep other insects away from your trash too.

Empty the garbage cans on a daily basis; these roaches can get attracted to your trash when it is full.

The Food

One of the primary reasons why these bugs get attracted to your home is the food you eat or cook in the kitchen.

Garbage cans containing spoiled food will attract them to your home; avoid throwing it out and make sure there is none in your trash bins.

Reduce the Water Source

Roaches may go as far as climbing walls in order to gain access to water. Therefore, you should avoid leaving water sources around your home.

This occurs, however, if water accumulates inside your house for more than three days. You should then drain out the water using a wet-dry vacuum or dry mop.

Remove any adjacent water sources, such as potted plants and water gardens, near your home.

Place Food in Airtight Containers

You must store the food in airtight containers and refrigerate them to prevent the smell from escaping and attracting other bugs to your home.

Food must be kept in a sealed container to ensure that it does not attract cockroaches. You should also refrigerate all food that has been left on the counter for more than two hours.

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In conclusion, getting rid of smoky brown cockroaches naturally is tricky.

However, there are several things you can do to get rid of them naturally. First, seal up cracks in your home’s foundation and walls.

Second, keep trash in sealed containers. Third, do not leave dirty dishes lying around.

Lastly, vacuum often. Overall, these steps should help you get rid of smoky brown cockroaches naturally.