Where Do Roaches Hide?

Roaches can leave you scratching your head.

They’re notoriously elusive and can be difficult to exterminate. You’re likely to find these pests in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

There are many ways you can eliminate them from your everyday life. So, where do roaches hide?

Roaches prefer dark, damp places, such as under a refrigerator or stove. However, they can also hide in cabinets or under sinks.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to look that hard. Roaches can hide in cabinets or drawers where you least expect it.

Furthermore, roaches can hide in walls or ceilings, so it’s important to check those, too.

Roaches can also hide in clothing or suitcases that you bring home from vacation.

Finally, roaches can hide in pet food or in bags or boxes that you might bring home from the store.

Where Roaches Hide In Work And Living Areas?

They like dark and damp places; they will live in your kitchens especially under refrigerators and stoves where they can easily feed themselves on spilled crumbs and food particles.

This is the ideal spot to look under the sink and behind appliances for the roach’s hiding places.

They need water to live, and they usually take refuge here due to the warmth and moisture; this makes them a favorite hiding spot for these pests.

Cockroaches will congregate around leaky pipes in the kitchen and bathroom areas of the house where they thrive well because these areas have moist and dark environments.

Cockroaches thrive in places with abundant moisture and humidity; so it’s common to find them living in the walls of your house especially in wet areas like the bathrooms.

Check behind your washers, dryers and other appliances where you might have forgotten to check for cockroaches infestation.

Sinks, drains, bathtubs, toilets and the plumbing areas are favorite spots for cockroaches to hide because of the warm temperature and moisture it provides.

Cockroaches may be found lurking in your closets where they can feed on the garments you wear; your clothes are their source of food.

Cockroaches adore plastic containers. They love the warmth they provide, which makes it easier for them to hide there without being detected.

As a result, they will feed on the food you put inside plastic containers. Hence it is important that you regularly wash the containers using soap and water to eliminate cockroach infestation in your home.

Cockroach eggs are laid by the female cockroach in a gelatinous capsule called ootheca. This capsule is attached to the tip of her abdomen by a thread-like structure called the terminal filament.

Roaches feed on cardboard and paper, thus they will love hiding in this material. They love the dark environment it provides as well as the warm and humid conditions found there.

Cockroaches emerge at night and like to swarm in groups.

If you are looking for food, you will be attracted by the sweet smell of garbage that’s why trashcans are the favorite spots for cockroaches to lurk and hide in your house.

Basements, behind portraits, and in dark corners of your room are also favorite spots for cockroaches to hide during the day.

Where Roaches Hide In Your Kitchens?

Roaches often hide in the kitchen because they love warm temperatures that the kitchen provides.

These insects like to hide in kitchen drawers, cupboards, refrigerator shelves and other areas where they can easily feast on spilled food and crumbs on the floor or countertop.

A kitchen is a good place to look for roaches because the kitchen is often dirty and full of spills and food crumbs that will attract these insects.

It is essential to maintain this space clean at all the time so that it will not become a breeding ground for these pests to thrive in.

Because it is a method of attracting them, these insects will often hide under potted plants especially large ones where they can easily find refuge in them.

These insects are often attracted to places that provide them with warmth such as under a refrigerator or dishwasher where they are protected from the cold temperature outside.

It’s unsettling to come across a roach crawling on your kitchen floor while preparing a meal for your family.

It is unknown what food attracts these insects and there are studies that show that most roaches are attracted to starch and sugars.

Because they will notice when the lights in your kitchen are turned on, these pests will avoid staying in areas brightly lit and will try to find darker places to hide such as under appliances, cabinets, or in the walls.

Where Roaches Hide In Your Bathrooms?

Bathroom Cabinets

Roaches may establish up camp in bathroom cabinet by installing their egg capsules on moist towels or toilet paper or garbage.

These pests will also hide there because of the warmth and the moisture the bathroom provides.

Shower Floors

Roaches love warm environments; hence they like the virtual climate of the shower floor where they can hide by lurking on the tile.

Bathroom Tiles and Baseboards

Roaches may push themselves into the cracks of the bathroom tiles or baseboards where they can conceal themselves when lights are turned on in the bathroom.

Bathroom Sinks, Tubs and Toilets

Cockroaches like hiding beneath bathroom sinks, tubs and toilets where they can find warmth, moisture and protection from predators.

For the same reason, they like to stay in laundry baskets and hampers where they also feel secure from predators.

They’re common near tubs and toilets, which are places with warm and humid conditions.

But what about the soap residue, hair, and other debris left behind.

Where Else Do Roaches Hide?


Cockroaches love trash and will hide in it if given the opportunity.

Cockroaches may be found everywhere garbage gathers and has easy access to food and water.


Clutter may be full of food particles, which can attract cockroaches into these areas as well.

Cockroaches, on the other hand, can be attracted into dark spaces where they feel safer.

They not only hide in kitchens but also in other areas of the house such as pantries, closets, drawers, bathrooms and even bedrooms.

They’ll devour anything that contains newspaper, cardboard, or paper of any kind as well as cereal boxes.


Some species may seek refuge in attics, particularly in the summer time when it’s hot outside.

When they’re not dwelling there, they can be found outdoors hiding underneath leaf piles, logs, stones and other debris.

Alternatively, behind door mats or under flower pots.


Certain cockroaches in the United States, such as the American cockroach and German cockroach, prefer to live indoors as they prefer warm temperatures rather than the cold outdoors.

They both reside in sewers that provide them with access to food and water.

If you locate a cockroach in the basement it is likely that it’s one of these two species.

How To Get Rid Of The Hiding Places Of Cockroaches?

Repellent to Get Rid of the Hiding Spot

Spray the ones you concealed from the cockroaches with insecticides.

There are cockroach sprays formulated to kill only cockroaches while others may also be used to kill other insects.

Spray repellents of insecticides in the corners of rooms because these roaches often hide in those corners.

Because cockroaches love the dark environment places such as closets, drawers and under furniture, it is the places that the most prone to infestation.

You can spray insecticides to these dark areas where you suspect that they are hiding.

Sufficient Cleansing

All cockroach hiding spots should regularly be cleaned.

It will make those hiding places unattractive to the roaches since they can’t stand the scent of disinfectants.

Using Natural Therapies

Nowadays, individuals sprinkle several herbal or natural remedies on their garden or lawns to deter pests like roaches and other insects from destroying their crops.

To eliminate their hiding places in your house, you can use a mixture of borax and boric acid on the places where you find them most abundant.

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We hope you found this guide on How to get rid of cockroaches useful and informative.

You’re seeking for calm, dark locations; Roaches likewise utilize their shelter to cover from the light and look for food to feast on.

They also like damp places where they can live and breed.

Use all of the recommendations above to keep your home pest free and keep these nasty creatures away from your house.

Cockroaches are rapidly eliminated by specialized pesticides that are effective and safe to use at home.

Always consider all strategies listed above first before you resort to using chemicals to eliminate these pests from your home.