How to Get Roaches Out of PS4

PS4s are one of the most popular video game consoles on the market.

If your favorite game has been plagued by Roaches recently, you’re likely eager to get rid of it. Luckily, you can eliminate them using PS4 detox kits.

So, how do you get roaches out of PS4? Getting roaches out of PS4 is not easy. The first step is to wash the PS4 with soap and water.

However, this doesn’t work well because roaches are waterproof. A more effective method is to kill the roaches with boric acid.

Boric acid is an insecticide that’s safe for humans. However, this method takes time and patience because the roaches have to come in contact with the insecticide several times.

It’s also possible to trap roaches with glue traps and kill them in another way. Finally, you can try to vacuum the roaches.

Although this method works, it’s time-consuming and not very effective. Overall, getting roaches out of PS4 is not easy.

How Can Cockroaches Sneak Into a Playstation 4?

To fulfill the demands of intense gaming, gaming consoles nowadays are more powerful and efficient than ever before.

Unfortunately, these consoles produce a lot of heat as a byproduct of their operations which attract cockroaches and other insects that like to live in warm places.

As a result, they include big vents in the console body to circulate air within the device as well as blow cool air into the ventilation ducts around the system’s casing.

Cockroaches are drawn to heat and moisture and usually hide in places that stay moist and moist for a long period of time.

Once inside the PS4, the roaches will begin reproducing and will infest the entire unit over time.

These elements contribute to a vicious cycle where the more roach feces builds up, the more moisture there is for the roaches to feed on, and the more warmth there is for the cockroaches to breed.

How to Get Roaches Out of PS4

Unplug the Play Station

Before trying to remove roaches from PlayStation or any other electronic device, first unplug it from its power source to avoid electrical shock to yourself or others.

Also, make sure there are no loose wires lying around that could come into contact with water when cleaning the device.

Be sure to use rubber gloves when handling the water to avoid any skin irritation or cuts from broken bottle caps or jagged edges on the machine itself.

This will allow you to thoroughly rinse any dust and debris off the device before you start using the electronic cleaner and water mixture to remove the roach infestation.


Before cleaning equipment, it is essential you analyze and understand what is the cause of the problem.

If your home is not infested, but your equipment has faults, then it’s advisable to replace such items with new ones.

A roach-infested game console will need thorough sanitizing and cleaning before it can be returned to normal use again.

Take the Ps4 to a Safe Place

Now that you’ve determined that your PS4 is roach-infested, move the device to a safe location where there are no children or pets around.

You don’t want to expose them to harmful chemicals that may be harmful to their health.

You can also put the device inside a box and seal it with tape to prevent accidental spills. You may also want to wear protective gloves while handling the infected machine.

You may use it in the safe place for several days until you get rid of the infestation completely and until you’re certain that the chemicals used won’t harm the environment or your health.

Take Apart the Console

Disassemble the gadget to expose the inner parts including the motherboard, fans, USB ports, speakers, memory card slot, and the optical drive.

To obtain proper access, remove the screws from the outer casing and remove the cover from the base.

Keep the screws in a closed container and place them in a safe place.

It is critical to understand that if your PS4 is under warranty you must take it to an authorized service center.

To Remove Loose Cockroach Items, Use Compressed Air.

Blow compressed air onto the device ‘s openings for two to three minutes to remove debris stuck inside the console.

If you don’t have it, don’t panic; you may buy one online for less than $10 from Amazon.

But be careful when buying one since not all of them are the same and some may damage your electronic equipment if used improperly.

The important thing to remember is to carefully read the instruction manual before using the device for the first time and always test it on a small surface first before using it on the bigger ones like the play station console itself.

After you’ve cleaned the dust and debris off the gadget, reassemble the parts and secure them with new screws.

Use Isopropyl Alcohol

Spraying insecticides or any cleaning liquids on the component will ruin the components permanently.

It will completely corrode the circuits inside the device which may lead to permanent damage to the gadgets.

Instead, spray isopropyl alcohol on a soft piece of cloth and gently wipe off all the dust from the gadget.

Allow 3 minutes before massaging it gently to remove the dried dirt particles from the gadget.

Allow the PS4 to Dry

Allow the console and electronics to dry for two to three days before moving on to the next step of the process.

This will prevent corrosion of the electronic components and also prevent molds from growing on the device.

Reassemble the PlayStation 4

Reassemble the chipsets, the fans, and the USB port back into the machine and place the cover back on the casing. Put the screws back in place and secure the cover with duct tape to prevent it from falling away again while you’re transporting the machine.

If you need assistance, consult a repairman to assist you as doing this yourself might void your warranty for the device.

Do not be alarmed if a few parts come loose or fall off during the process; simply replace them with new pieces and you’re good to go.

Work your way backwards on this step to make sure you don’t damage any of the ports or connectors on the motherboard and that nothing is in the way of the fan blades while they’re spinning.

Can I Freeze My PlayStation 4 to Kill Roaches?

Temperatures ranging from 115 degrees Fahrenheit to 135 degrees Fahrenheit will kill roaches, but freezing them won’t kill them at all.

As a consequence, freezing your PS4 or any other electronic device will have no effect whatsoever in killing roaches.

However, while dealing with moisture is preferable to temperature when dealing with roaches, you should still be wary of placing your console in humid places, as mold may grow on it over time.

For this, always wrap your PS4 in a soft cloth when storing it or transporting it, and make sure it’s not exposed to humidity and condensation.

Additionally, you must keep ps4 running for few minutes after turning it on and let it cool down before plugging it in to charge.

It is critical to remember that overheating of the console should be avoided at all costs.

It will continue to overheat, and it’s best not allow it to become hot in the first place.

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In conclusion, the best way to get roaches out of your ps4 is to bring in professional help.

Cockroaches can transmit harmful diseases, so it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. While you can do it on your own, it can be dangerous since roaches can bite and scatter their droppings.

A pest control expert will be able to get rid of your roaches safely, and at a better price than buying roach traps.