Does Pine Sol Attract Roaches?

Pine Sol is among the most popular chemical pest control solutions on the market.

Not only is it easy to use, it effectively eliminates many types of pests from the home. It dries quickly, and it does not leave behind any lingering odors.

So, does pine sol attract roaches? Some people believe that pine sol attracts roaches.

However, this isn’t true. There are no scientific studies that indicate that pine sol attracts roaches or that roaches are attracted to it.

Furthermore, the pine sol used in homes isn’t poisonous to roaches as it’s made to be less toxic to humans than other cleaning products. Thus, pine sol can’t attract roaches.

Does Pine Sol Attract Roaches?

No, pine sol does not attract cockroaches or any other bugs.

But you may wonder if there is a specific reason why some people think it does? Well, there are two possible reasons.

The first is that the smell of the disinfectant makes your home smell like a food source for the bugs, making them more likely to come inside to feast on the food you left out for them.

The second reason is that some people confuse the smell with the scent of bait used by professional exterminators.

They think that the scent of the insecticide attracts the pests into the home where they can be killed.

Furthermore, roaches will be killed on contact by any amount of disinfectant or soap water.

What Is Pine Sol Made Of?

Pine smell is one ingredient of pine sol but pine sol is much more than this.

This fragrance is used in many cleaning products and perfumes, including air fresheners and room sprays.

However, numerous more chemicals are added to this scent to give it a more pungent odor that appeals to consumers.

Pine sol, for household use, consists of a variety of ingredients including water, surfactants, preservatives and fragrance oils as well as different cleaning agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.

How Does Pine Sol Work on Roaches?

Roaches Are Repulsed by the Fragrance of Pine Sol.

Roaches are repulsed by the scent of pine sol, but the fragrance doesn’t kill them.

The fragrance is a repellent and keeps them from crawling up the walls where they seek shelter. The scent of pine sol is also unpleasant to humans.

This keeps roaches from living where people typically live such as the kitchen or bathroom. Consequently, many people use pine sol to keep roaches away.

Pine Sol Contains Pine Oil, Which Repels Roaches.

Pine Sol gets rid of roaches and other bugs because it contains pine oil, which repels them.

Pine oil is found in many cleaning products, including Clorox and OxiClean. However, pine oil isn’t the only ingredient in Pine Sol that repels bugs.

Pine Sol also contains ammonia and bleach, which kill off roaches and other bugs.

Pine Sol Has Many Chemicals That Repel Roaches.

Pine Sol is a popular household cleaner, but most people don’t know that it contains chemicals that repel roaches and other insects.

The active ingredient in Pine Sol is called Pine Oil, and it’s a very effective insect repellent. Pine Oil is toxic to insects, but toxic to humans at only low levels.

The scent in Pine Sol repels insects by confusing their sense of smell. Pine Oil also works as a disinfectant and deodorizer.

Pine Sol was originally developed as a pesticide for citrus trees, but it has many uses around the house.

How to Use Pine Sol to Repel Roaches?


Cleaning is an often-overlooked method to get rid of cockroaches in the home. Using the right product is important though.

A general all-purpose cleaner won’t do the job because it won’t kill off the eggs or the nymphs that are hiding in cracks or crevices where you can’t see them.

If you discover cockroaches in various places in the house, then it’s time to clean thoroughly with a product that’s designed to target and kill these pests.

You can use a concentrated spray or a gel for this purpose. Apply the product on the areas where you suspect they are hiding, like behind the refrigerator or in the cabinets under the sink.

For extra effectiveness, you can also use a broom and dustpan to sweep up any debris or dirt that’s hiding there and get rid of them.

Otherwise, you may only end up attracting more roaches to these places when they hatch out from their hiding places.

Mixing Pine Sol

In general, applying straight liquid or gel products to the places where you see cockroaches may be sufficient to kill them off completely.

It’s better to use these products instead of mixing them with water or spraying them directly on surfaces to avoid getting the liquid wet, which can lead to mold growth.

Because pine sol is a powder, you can simply sprinkle it in areas where you often see roaches such as in the kitchen and pantry.

As a result, you must create a barrier to prevent them spreading to other rooms in the house.

In addition, make sure that you wipe down all surfaces that you treat with this product after you’ve finished applying it to eliminate any lingering scents that might lure them back into your home.

Applying Pine Sol

The pine sol must come in contact with their bodies to kill them.

You must spray the pine -sole mixture directly on their exposed body parts such as their antennae, legs, bodies and wings.

You may also mix it with water and spray it on countertops, baseboards, walls and other areas where they are found.

Spraying it directly on the bug also works quite well. You can also use the sponge that comes with the product to apply it directly to the areas that need treatment.

This is particularly useful for the cracks and crannies where cockroaches hide.

You may also spray the diluted solution on nearby surfaces to prevent them from escaping the area where you are spraying them with concentrated solution.

First, apply the mixture immediately on the areas where you see or feel them hiding or roaming around at night.

This will immediately kill off some of the adult cockroaches in the area. After that, you can sprinkle some powder in places where you rarely see them to prevent the infestation from growing further.

Then you must clean up the areas where you have applied the solution to avoid attracting more roaches to your home.

Empty all the drawers, cabinets and shelves and clean them with a damp cloth to get rid of any dead bugs and egg shells.

Following that, spray the cracks and crevices where the bugs hide with boric acid to keep them away for good.

You must thoroughly clean your kitchen regularly to reduce the chances of a cockroach infestation in your home.

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Final Words

Pine-sol polishes, cleans, disinfects and deodorizes your home without harming your children and pets.

This disinfectant is quite popular among homeowners because of its numerous benefits.

These are completely natural and safe to use around your house because they are made with food-grade ingredients.

However, you must maintain proper hygiene by keeping your food in sealed containers and washing your hands after handling raw meat to avoid contamination from cockroaches and other insects.

Cockroaches will infest your home if you provide them with food and shelter.